August 3 2017 | Ehh

Mental Ward Edition   I’m stuck in this mental ward. I have been here for 5 days. My blood pressure is low & I believe it’s due to medications. I wish I didn’t have obsessive thoughts but i must accept that I do in order to move on and get past them. The meds I’m currently on are: Trazodone, Depakote,… Read more →

Unknown | Intro

Mental Ward Edition   This next series of blogs includes my experiences as an inpatient at a mental institution. I include how my day went and if I got any better. At the end of the series I will also summarize my experience in the mental ward and what I learned. I was in the mental ward for 9 days.… Read more →

July 29 2017 | Might

Hello fellows, Today I might just go to a behavioral health center and maybe spend at least a week there. I’ve lost it all and I cannot continue on how I am right now. My OCD has reached my limits. My mom is very depressed because of it and I just can’t take that any longer either. My whole family… Read more →