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December 6, 2017 | Why?

Why can I not just find a peaceful, beautiful answer to my questions that drive me mad? I just want to love others, help others, and live a happy life. Why? My head feels messed up, in the way that I just feel like all my thoughts are disorganized, I can’t focus, I’m having trouble putting my thoughts and words… Read more →

November 30 2017 | Fuck

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I am feeling better and I strive for more at life, I start falling down quick. Like, lately I’ve been feeling better, a lot better. Because I have been feeling better, I decided to start working. I worked doing some masonry with a family member. Anyways, I also enjoy web development, so… Read more →

August 27 2017 | Damaged

The shit I have gone through makes me question my whole existence all together. I have recently purchased a tactical .22 rifle because I was planning on ending myself. I no longer wanted to live. My thoughts have consumed me and made me feel like a psychopath. I don’t want to go completely crazy and do something which I don’t… Read more →