September 12 2017 | Autonomy

I have been pondering about the nature of desire for power, love, & evil. These topics often trouble me greatly, in a very negative way. In fact, these topics are the main reason of my mental disorders. However, as much as I would like to ignore these topics and live a normal life, my “soul” does not allow me to ignore such concepts. I build the structure of my life based on foundations such as love and trust. Now, when I being thinking about topics such as love, why I should love, I should crave power, or why I shouldn’t be evil, my mind went off in an ever-increasing thought adventure, where I studied such topic, daily came up with new hypothesis of such concepts, and became deeply troubled by them. I mean very troubled. However, I like to focus on things which are true, and I wanted to know the truth about the nature of such human emotions/truths. Anyways, today I have discovered a very, very strong conclusion to the nature of the craving of power in humans. Such conclusion is also a positive one, which was surprising to me. The conclusion is, that humans crave power for autonomy. That is, humans ultimately wish for being independent and free to do what they want with their life, and sometimes power is the only way to obtain such autonomy. If you are interested in the research I have done and conducted, please comment on this post so I can share it. I have found a great deal of relief in my mental state of mind from coming to such a conclusion in this topic. As always, thanks for listening to my thoughts. I appreciate that sincerely, as a fellow human being, thanks. If you are drawn to philosophy, please also feel free to contact me, I would very much enjoy to have others to talk to about life, truth, & logic.

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