July 31 2017 | 2nd day at the Mental Hospital

Mental Ward Edition


I am feeling better though I still have obsessive thoughts. I don’t know what the future holds. I still get anxiety. I am currently on 4 medications: one for sleep, one for anxiety, and two for my obsessive thoughts (Also known as Pure O). I am still isolating. I’ve only talked to like two people in the hospital, especially one guy. I get along with him because he is respectful. I very much resonate with respectful individuals. I have never seen so much broken people before. The hospital is full of broken souls. At the same time, as nasty & ugly as it may sound, it makes me feel better that there are others who I can relate to in some way. My mom comes and visits me, and brings me clean clothes. I first came to the hospital on July 29 2017, on a Sunday night. I wrote all this in a Composition book, so I will type all this up when I get home. I will probably be here for about 7 days. I really can’t take my Pure O anymore.


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