August 5 2017 | Continuing

Mental Ward Edition


Today was an ok day. I ate eggs, ham, & toast for breakfast. Then I went to 2 group therapies. After that I saw my psychiatrist and was told that I am leaving August 7, 2017, on a Monday. I have been reading a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. It talks about topics very similar to some topics which we discuss here in the hospital in group therapies. I had Stir Fry, white rice, broccoli cheddar soup, a dinner roll, & root beer for lunch. After that I went to gym therapy where I played basketball with a new guy in the unit. He’s been through a lot with drugs. He was shot twice in his legs & once in his pelvis. I think he’s 20 years old like me. After that I went to animal therapy where there was 2 dogs, one named Sky Walker & another named Feather. Feather played fetch & Sky Walker didn’t do much. I crunched about 12 pull ups on the pull up bar. After that I had dinner. It was Spaghetti & meat balls with white sauce, cheddar broccoli soup, cooked carrots, & unsweetened iced tea. Regarding my Pure O, I still have obsessive thoughts, but was better able to cope with them. You want to know how I was better able to cope with my obsessive thoughts? I gave God what is out of my control (Obsessive Thoughts), and decided to do my best in what is in my control (my energy & attitude). I have met a lot of cool people, but it’s too many people and things to write about. maybe I’ll make a YouTube video about them.


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