August 3 2017 | Ehh

Mental Ward Edition


I’m stuck in this mental ward. I have been here for 5 days. My blood pressure is low & I believe it’s due to medications. I wish I didn’t have obsessive thoughts but i must accept that I do in order to move on and get past them. The meds I’m currently on are: Trazodone, Depakote, Prozac, & something with the name sounding like Bizeral, but I know that’s not the right name. Sometimes you just doubt if you will ever get better, & then your life goes to the shithole. However, one must know that for every negative reality, there is a positive reality, and this is my hope. I have been reading Psalms of a New Testament Bible that a Chaplain gave me here at the hospital. Hopefully my voice is reaching God. I will continue the fight, always hoping for victory. Other than that, I’m signing off for today.


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