July 29 2017 | Might

Hello fellows,

Today I might just go to a behavioral health center and maybe spend at least a week there. I’ve lost it all and I cannot continue on how I am right now. My OCD has reached my limits. My mom is very depressed because of it and I just can’t take that any longer either. My whole family asks me why I’ve changed. They just can’t understand how I feel because they are not in my situation, but I understand that. Only my mom, dad, priest, and psychologist/psychiatrist know about my situation. Everyone else I believe just thinks that I am extremely depressed. Anyways, I hope I get admitted to this behavioral health center. I need rest. I have been working in a warehouse for the past two weeks and I guess that has helped a bit. I really almost talk to no one at work (for obvious reasons). I am also extremely depressed though. Something weird that happened yesterday was that at work I drank a Monster energy drink and I felt great. My OCD felt like it disappeared. It was very weird . . . . . . . Anyways, God bless you. I hope you get better if you are in a similar situation. This is your fellow human being in the fight of mental illness signing out.

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