Month: June 2017

June 15 2017

I don’t know what I would do without the support I am receiving from others. Honestly, I would probably be super lost and insane. I appreciate very much all the support I’ve received from my mom and my priest. Their presence and support have helped me tremendously throughout my illness. I am very, very thankful for and to them. Today… Read more →

June 14 2017

Today I had a very bad day, as usual. Same thoughts, racing in my head. I had some anxiety in class so I had to walk out. I felt really bad. I texted my priest, he called, but I told him I was in school. As I’m writing this I feel more relaxed. Only because I am now attempting to… Read more →

June 13 2017

Today I went to an Internal medicine doctor with my priest. My priest is awesome, love the man! Anyways, the doctor prescribed a mood stabilizer medication and Clonazepame, only 5 tablets for 30 days, just in case of a freak out emergency. Little does the doctor know, I freak out almost everyday. My symptoms seem to get worst everyday and… Read more →

June 12 2017 | Slipping

June 12 2017 | Slipping What can I say, life is insane. I don’t understand much anymore. I am almost like a zombie. It’s crazy to say that I was super motivated and super loving just a few months back. 2 months of mental health issues have completely flipped my life upside down. I’ve thought so many things, I’m not… Read more →

June 11 2017 | Dying

June 11 2017 | Dying I am dying inside. I feel like my brain is fried, it’s tired. I don’t know if my wiring in my neurons will ever recover. I feel lost and desperate to not exist anymore. I just can’t deal with my situation anymore. Again, it’s the same thoughts, racing in my mind. I feel anxious. My… Read more →

A reason to live

Today I kind of came back to life. I visited my priest and he gave me much hope. Life is harder when you don’t seek help. It’s been a rough boat ride, but somehow it seems to be getting better. I felt love from the support, the support that my God, my mom, and priest bring to me. I’ve always… Read more →