June 17 2017

I thought I was having cardiac arrest today. I think it;s all though to my anxiety. I was in my car on my to work when my heart started beating a bit fast, then faster, then super fast to the point where I thought I was going to pass out driving. My mom had called me, and I was barely able to talk to her. Before this I had been feeling chest pains in my left side of my chest where my heart is located. A sharp-ish pain that comes and goes but when it comes sometimes pierces from the front of my chest to my back. I held pressure on my chest with my right hand and drove with my left on my way to work as that somehow relieved the pain. Once I work, I continued to have these pains throughout. Then Once I came back from work I went to the ER. I had X-RAYS, an EKG, and some blood tests ran for me that came back negative. I was fine from my heart. Thank God. I was give .5 mg of Lorazepame for anxiety. I really thought I was near my death today.

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