June 14 2017

Today I had a very bad day, as usual. Same thoughts, racing in my head. I had some anxiety in class so I had to walk out. I felt really bad. I texted my priest, he called, but I told him I was in school. As I’m writing this I feel more relaxed. Only because I am now attempting to focus on the “why” of my situation. “Why am I having these thoughts?”. ” Why is this happening to me?”. ┬áThinking about these things somehow makes my mind relax and chill out a bit. Don’t know why this is, but it does. I also accepted a job that I start tomorrow, so yay, I guess! And also I might attend classes for truck driving. I have a full schedule tomorrow. Oh lord, a really full schedule. I also have to see my psychiatrist, and I have school which a includes a test. I don’t know what I my life is about or what is happening in it at the moment.

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